This is the personal blog of Britt of Snow Woulda Had It!, where I encourage you to read my ramblings (along with my partner in crime, Maiya) on all things Giants baseball.

This is mainly a depository for things that aren’t quite right for SWHI or tumblr and are too long winded for Twitter.  As such, any topic is fairgame.  I’m a fairly girly, fairly liberal feminist with a penchant for indie blues rock/pop, designer bags, jazz standard torch songs, big dogs, small cats (except for my pet Maine Coon mix), and colors normally only found in Pottery Barn catalogues.

I’m an East Bay girl who is old enough to remember and be slightly traumatised by the Loma Prieta quake, but only barely.  You can do the math on that.  I worked full time in the technology industry, helping bridge the gap between nerdspeak and the average human being, for five years, both despite and because of a very expensive performing arts degree from one of those well-regarded liberal arts colleges in a quaint town in New England, until I finally just burnt out completely at the thought of another holiday season even vaguely attached to retail like I was. I’m recently returned to the Bay Area and still somewhat re-acclimatizing myself. But it’s good. It’s better than good, even.

Title is courtesy of Jim Caple on Twitter, and original header image courtesy of Scott Dierdof via Flickr, edited by me.

Feel free to comment with questions or check me out on Twitter, and stay classy, San Francisco.


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